Thursday, April 22, 2010

On suggestion from a friend of mine, I created this design with a little bling added in... a bit of ruby to set it off!

This piece makes me think of Saturn's many rings and the moons that orbit it...

The foundation of this piece is created from one 18" length of 16 gauge solid sterling silver wire. It is hand-bent and hand-hammered to fit the curvature around the neck and over the clavicles, laying perfectly above the breast bone.

Clusters of moons orbit around this ring of a necklace, just like Saturn. I make these clusters by hand-bending, hand-soldering, and hand-hammering each circle from 20 gauge solid sterling silver wire, then composing and soldering them together into asymmetrical clusters. They are joined in a pendulum style by 20 gauge solid sterling silver wire, soldered and hammered. The dimensions are 2.5 inches(64mm) across and a 3.25 inch(85mm) drop from the necklace ring.

In the center of the bottom moon, I hand-set a .26 carat, 4mm ruby in a tubular sterling silver setting. Just a little bit of bling to totally set off this stunning piece! A certificate of authenticity for the ruby accompanies this piece.

Rubies are associated with wealth, joy, sexual energy, and power. They are believed to generate passion and assist with spiritual endeavors. At one time, rubies were thought to protect against misfortune, inspire courage, and attract love.

Make it yours!!!